Flowery Baby Hats

(And headband…) The last ball of baby yarn, the only one that wasn’t a scrap… ended up making four hats and a headband! I decided to switch it up from the poof hats and make some with little flowers since these colors make me think spring. Faye loves all the hats! Hopefully her gift basket recipients will like them too!

flower hats

flower hat



White Baby Hat

Continuing to use up all my baby yarns to make hats for Faye to use in her baby shower gift baskets.

white hat

Pink Baby Hat

My coworker Faye has been working on starting her own catering/event planning business, and she recently threw a baby shower and asked me if I would be able to make her some things since she knew I crochet. I started working on making all the random baby yarns I had into little hats for her! They’re turning out cute. I think giant poofballs on baby hats are adorable… so I just used whatever was left when I finished the actual hat to make the poof. It’s nice to have a reason to use up the scraps of baby yarns I have from old projects.

pink hat 2

Rainbow neon hat

I really like making hats as they’re easy and quick! I’ve been working on just trying to use up my stash of yarn, and quick projects are good for that.

rainbow neon

I’m hoping eventually to a bunch of stuff done and ready to sell, and maybe to have a booth at craft fairs or something. We’ll see, in the meantime, I gotta make enough stuff to be able to do that or have an Etsy store worth anything!

Hat and blanket for baby Mason

So officially (well, a few months ago) I became an aunt! Pretty excited about that, as I am so not ready to have kids of my own, but now there’s this little munchkin to get my fill of babies!

masons hat

He’s such a cutie! I made him a baby blanket and a matching hat to give Taylor when she brought Mason by for the first time.

masons blanket

I used a really thick, soft yarn and this blanket is definitely warm.

Balls on your Head

I have had this pompom ball yarn for YEARS. I kept starting a project with it, not finishing them, and then having the started project get ruined ending up with less and less yarn… but I was able to make a hat with it. Kind of just as a joke so I could say whoever is wearing it has balls on their head.

head balls