Amazing gifts!

My boyfriend’s Aunt Renee used to be a nail tech, and she decided she couldn’t wait til christmas to hand me down some of her old stuff. Which I’m totally ok with, that’s awesome news for me! We went over to her house, and she immediately showed me a giant carrying case full of all kinds of goodies, and then took me out to the garage. In the garage, was this beauty:


Don’t mind the disemboweled hedgehog haha! Rosie prefers her toys flat, no fluff left. Silly dog.

A portable nail table! The legs fold down, and the light screws off so you can take it anywhere. It even has a little tray that slides out underneath to keep all the things you use often close at hand. This is going to make my life SO much easier whenever I have to go somewhere to do nails, or even just at home so that I don’t have Kyle bumping me sitting on the same couch, and I don’t have to reach down to the coffee table… just so awesome.

She also gave me all kinds of other goodies! A bunch of polish removers, barbicide, polish drying spray, cuticle oils…


A bunch of pretty awesome polishes, which I’ve already swatched and will be posting about later; files, files and more files! The salon appointment book will come in useful if I ever do a party again, I can have people just write their names down instead of having to ask around who’s next. The pink thing is a wrist rest which will make it so much nicer for the people getting their nails done. My favorites- the glass files and the rainbow cuticle pusher. I’ll finally be able to get my cuticles in check instead of them just being a ripped up mess like usual. And the files are so pretty! I love that the different colors are different grits. Can’t wait to start playing around with all these things, thank you so much Aunt Renee!

Balls on your Head

I have had this pompom ball yarn for YEARS. I kept starting a project with it, not finishing them, and then having the started project get ruined ending up with less and less yarn… but I was able to make a hat with it. Kind of just as a joke so I could say whoever is wearing it has balls on their head.

head balls

Spa Party Nails

One of my coworkers is in school for massage therapy and has a bunch of friends that do hair/makeup and all that, and she threw a spa party at her house. The idea was to offer cheap services and everyone had their own little area. I unfortunately mostly did pedicures, and really didn’t have a good setup for how to do them and stay comfortable, but oh well. You live and you learn! I didn’t take pictures of the pedis I did, but here’s the one set of nails I painted.

spa party

Polishes Used:

Fresh Paint “Guava”
Sinful Colors “Queen of Beauty”

Much needed mini vacation!

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of months for me, and I was way over due to take some time off and enjoy myself. Luckily, my boyfriend’s mom owns a little vacation place in Woodsmoke Ranch about an hour away- perfect. I think I’ve posted about going out there before, but I never get tired of going out there. There’s just something so relaxing about not having cell service! Work can’t bother me, no constant unnecessary notifications… more nature (and corn!) than people. I’m all about that.

seneca 1

We took a two day three night trip, one night we found this little guy! (Little if you count being about as big as my thumb little… which Kyle did not and refused to get anywhere near this guy!) I’ve loved bugs since I was little, so I scooped him up and put him in a tree instead of on the deck.

seneca 4

It’s only a short drive from Starved Rock state park, and we love to take our dog Rosie for the longest walk she knows. She loves it out there too, so much to sniff, and all the people have to stop and pet her! She’s a huge attention hog. Nothing like a good hike to remind me how out of shape I am too! Haha.

seneca 2

It hadn’t been very rainy lately which has it’s pros and cons- no waterfalls where they should be, but we also didn’t end up covered in mud up to our knees!

seneca 3

After hiking we cooked a giant meal, we always eat like kings out there! Kyle made himself brats and I had an awesome steak since I’m not a huge fan of brats, I made grilled green beans in a foil pack, also made one to make grilled onions to put on the brats and steak, we had pasta salad, corn, and potato salad! Everything was so tasty but if I ate like we do out there every day I’d really be 500lbs! Cooled off after hiking in the pool, (spent half the time out there in the pool, really) and I actually managed to get a little bit tan! Can I just quit my job and go live out there please?

My first Bears game!

I’m not a huge sports person, I certainly played a bunch of them back in junior high and high school but I’ve never gotten super into watching pro sports. The only one I really enjoy is hockey, and I still wouldn’t call myself a die-hard fan. If it’s on, I like watching and usually yell stupid things at the tv, but I don’t go out to watch games in bars or even make sure I watch all of the Blackhawks games. Baseball is ok in my book, football bores me most of the time and is too confusing, and you can’t pay me to watch basketball. ┬áBut, my boyfriend’s dad had an extra ticket and was taking Kyle and his brother Richie and invited me, so why the hell not?

bears 1

Not that I knew what was going on in the game besides when they scored.. kinda hard to miss that as there was a few guys that came running out waving giant flags! Not going to lie, it kind of made me miss being on the flag team at high school. You’d think with as many games I went to in high school to be in the half time show I’d understand more about the games!

bears 2

Left to right: Kyle (my bf), Marc (his dad), Richie (his brother) and me!

bears 5

bears 3

It was a really beautiful night, not too hot to be sitting outside! Was a fun experience, thanks Marc!

20150813_195428 bears 4