Throwback Thursday: Pastel Posies

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all get to stuff yourselves past any reasonable point full of delicious food and spend some time with the people you love!

Tried my hand at putting some shorter claw nails on this time… Added glitter and flower stickers that reminded me of puff paint.

pastel posies

Polish Used:

Fresh Paints “Honeydew”
Kleancolor “Silver Sparkler”

Burgundy Shatter Nails

Second attempt at gel polish, used much thinner coats and got a way better result. I’ve been loving this trend of shattered glass looking nails, and since I also found a little tin of that on the clearance rack at Sally’s when I was shopping for the gel polishes I decided to try it out! I don’t know if there’s other kinds of this material that is more flexible, but I ended up having some of the corners poke up and not make the nail completely smooth.


Still love how it looks though!

Gel Polish Used:

ASP “Beaming in Burgundy”

My first adventure into gel polish!

So I finally bought a gel lamp, and I’m super excited to dive into this new kind of nails! The cosmos were smiling on me when I went to buy my first gel polishes, Sally’s had ASP brand buy one get one free! So naturally I spent more than I should have, and came out with a haul of 6 ASP polishes and two Finger Paints that were on the clearance rack.


I definitely applied the polish too thick, and there were some chunky areas. Trial and error! I still love having nails that are dry instantly regardless.

Gel Polishes Used:

ASP “Blue Bayou”
ASP “Blue-pers”
ASP “Shimmer Top Coat”

Throwback Thursday: Neons done with my left hand!

I’m mostly right handed, and in this case I smudged my left hand so I decided to take a picture of my right hand without cleaning up to show how much I’d progressed in doing nails ambidextrously.


The great thing is, since this I’ve gotten even better at painting with my left, hand, I’ll have to post another right hand picture soon!

Orly “Mistress of All Evil” Swatch

This polish is certainly one of my new favorites! I love the oil slick effect changing between green and purple and all shades in between. It’s stunning without help from anything else! I added a cute little ghost sticker since this mani happened before Halloween. Mistress of All Evil is from the Disney Villain collection.

mistress of all evil

Bloody Bear Claws

For the Halloween party at Woodsmoke this year, Kyle and I got super awesome bear masks. The mouth even moved with your mouth! Somewhere there’s a picture of bear me taking a shot, and I hope I can find it! I had to have matching claw nails, and this time I did my acrylic extensions much longer than I usually do. Somehow I still managed to get my contacts in and out without injury! They’re supposed to look like the tips are bloody with the red glitter, and since I was off work I blinged them out. (I’m not technically supposed to have rhinestones or anything that could fall off on my nails… but that’s so boring!)


I’m super sad that my camera was smudged so this isn’t the best picture, but oh well. I should have taken more photos of them, but I was so busy decorating and partying that I completely forgot.

Polishes Used:

Sinful Colors “Black on Black”
Kleancolor “Bite Me”