Witchy Nails

I found a new jewelry company on instagram that I started following called Rogue and Wolf that has lovely stuff with lots of black and silver, ravens and moons, and as I keep seeing their posts I couldn’t help myself from doing some dark nails even though it’s the middle of summer. Junior high me rejoiced as I started the first coat of black… black nail polish used to be my go to color! I think when I started painting my nails, besides the black, I probably only had two or three other colors! I know I had a dark icy blue and a glow in the dark from halloween, and I’m pretty sure a blood red/wine kind of color. How funny is it years later I’ve got hundreds in all the colors of the rainbow! I honestly can say younger me would have NEVER guessed I was going to get so into nails, or makeup, hair, even wearing dresses! I was a huge tomboy and pretty punk/goth… my dad says I’m getting weird in my old age haha! Trust me, I’d love to dye all my hair blue and get a bunch of piercings again, but that’s adulthood… work dress policies.

goth nails

To get this look I used one coat of Black on Black as the base, and one coat of Totally Cool for the purple sparkly goodness. The little glitters are hand placed from a loose jar of OPI glitter.

I haven’t had a lot of time to do nails this month… I’ve been training a new gm for the old store I used to run, and let me tell you, running two stores and training a person to be able to do everything I do in like two weeks will suck the life right out of you! All I’ve wanted to do when I get home is lay on the couch and not move! I’ll try to get some more of the designs I’ve done on wheels soon, there’s so many I haven’t posted.

Polishes Used:

Sinful Colors “Black on Black”
Milani “Totally Cool”
OPI Loose Glitter

Purple Wrapped Rock Hemp Necklace

The hippy inside me has a deep love for wire wrapped and hemp jewelry. There is something relaxing about making a wrapped rock too. I liked that this mostly black and white rock had a little bit of a purple hue to it, so I used a deep purple wire and some purple beads to bring out the color. I have a TON of random glass beads that I like to mix and match, used all white, clear, black and purple beads for this necklace.

purple wrapped rock necklace

Funky Fingers “Bling Dipper”

I finally bought my first “color changing” nail polish! This polish is supposed to change color outside, the sticker on the top shows a pretty drastic change from bright silver to an almost purplish dark charcoal grey. So far, it does start out bright silver, a holographic glitter, but either I haven’t had them in direct sunlight long enough, or the bottle lies. It kinda seemed to be a bit darker when I was outside earlier, but it wasn’t as noticeable as I had hoped.


Shown is three coats, with no topcoat used. It’s shiny enough you can get away with no topcoat, though I only did it today so I can’t tell you if that will affect chipping or not. I used this as the base for another design that I’ll be posting soon! I need to clean up AGAIN as I managed to stain my fingers, but it looks pretty damn neat. Stay tuned!

Throwback Thursday: Fancy Red and Black Tips

Throwback to about a year ago, to the first time I gave myself a fill in. It didn’t turn out too badly! The shaping is a little chunky for my current preferences, but you learn as you go!

red and black stripe tips

Polishes Used:

Sally Hansen “Lava”
Sinful Colors “Black Magic”

Mani Monday: Something Blue

Did these to match an outfit I wore to a couple friends’ wedding. Here’s the outfit they go with:


The accent finger was inspired by the ring I got to wear with it that you can see in the picture.

something  blue

Polishes Used:

Sinful Colors “Blue By You”
Fresh Paint “There’s No Place Like Om”