Exciting news!

So much has happened lately, I know I haven’t posted in forever. March was such a busy month! The most exciting thing to happen though- Kyle proposed! I kind of knew it was coming, we had picked out the ring together and I knew he had it; so when he texted me while I was at work asking if I wanted to go out later that evening I was already excited with anticipation. Since I knew what the ring looked like I made him keep everything about how he was going to do it a secret.


I got home from work and put myself together and we were off. In the car, he told me he had wanted to take me to Los Burritos Tapatios where we had our second date for dinner, but unfortunately they don’t exist anymore. So we went to Casa Margarita instead to keep with the Mexican food theme! After dinner we got in the car and headed to another mystery destination. I only figured it out once we got pretty close! It was The Ashbary Coffee House, where we met face to face for the first time over 7 years ago (we met online for those that don’t know). I ordered a mocha milkshake and he got some coffee and we sat by the window chatting about memories from so many years ago. Eventually he pulled the cute little heart shaped blue box out, and asked if I would marry him. He knew the answer was yes!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 5.51.51 PM

We couldn’t have found a more perfect antique ring!

We took a quick photo outside the coffee house, and went home to relax. It was a lovely night and very “us”. Easily the happiest night of my life so far, I waited for that moment for so long! I’m so excited to be planning our wedding.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.24.42 PM

My coworker recently got married! She actually asked me to do her nails, and that ended up being more like her nails and 9 other bridesmaids/family members! Certainly the most nails I’ve done back to back, about 7 hours of work! She’s such a sweetheart though, how could I say no?

The beautiful bride Mariana and myself

The beautiful bride Mariana and myself

I didn’t take the time to get pictures of all their nails since all but one of the ladies just wanted plain french tips, but I did my nails to match the dress I wore and also to get a great picture to show off my ring!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.04.31 PM

I finally got to use these cute little 3D roses I had gotten in a bulk nail charm order, they’re kinda squishy which is cool. I surrounded them with rhinestones and silver caviar beads on the ring finger. Since the dress has roses on it I hand painted antique roses on the other fingers, and broke up the plain blue a little bit with some polka dots. Antique roses are super easy to paint but look so great!

The blue is a gel polish, but the roses are painted with regular nail polish. I used a gel top coat for maximum shine! I also put on acrylic extensions since my real nails are kind of a wreck right now… :/

Gel Polish Used:

ASP “Blue Crush”

Nail Polish Used:

Sinful Colors “Soul Mate”
Victoria’s Secret Pink “Now or Never”
Kleancolor “Green Grass”
Sally Hansen “In Record Lime”
Sinful Colors “White on White”


Five Guys Fanatic Burger Nails

Nails isn’t my full time job yet, currently I work for Five Guys! (I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that on the blog before.) Last weekend they flew all of their gm’s out to Washington D.C. for a conference, and I had a great time. It’s nice to get out of the store and put some faces to names. Here’s me dressed up for the 80’s themed costume party they threw the last night:

rock me

If you can’t tell, I’m wearing burger plug earrings, and of course I had to do my nails for the occasion.

Burger Nails IG

This is my best attempt at stamping ever! It took me a couple tries on each nail to get it right, but luckily since I was stamping normal polish on top of a gel base I could easily wipe the mistake off with some cleanser and try again. The adorable burger charm is from Daily Charme, and the stamping plates are from MoYou London which I purchased from What’s Up Nails.

Polishes Used:
Color Club “Harp On It” (Gel)
ASP “Selfish” (Gel)
Kleancolor “Light Red”

Kleancolor “Love for Pudding”

Pudding scented nail polish, really, ¬†pudding scented. Vanilla pudding maybe? It definitely smells like desert. If only all polish had delicious scents! “Love for Pudding” is a really pretty creamy light pink that makes you think of frosting.

love for puddng

Shown is two coats with no top coat, the polish has a nice glossy finish by itself.

Kleancolor “Green Grass”

A polish true to ¬†it’s name, “Green Grass” is the color of your lawn on a perfect summer day. I love bold colors, and this shade of green is beautiful.

Green Grass wm

This creamy polish applied like a dream- opaque in two coats as shown in the photo. I didn’t use a top coat, or more importantly, any base coat. Greens have a tendency to stain your nail if you don’t use a base coat, and this one didn’t leave any stain on my nails or cuticles after removing it. As you can see, it’s a pretty high gloss even without the top coat. I’ll be bringing this one back around for St. Patty’s day for sure!

Kleancolor “Diamond Pink”

Back to going through my Kleancolor collection! Here we have “Diamond Pink”:

Diamond Pink wm

“Pink”… Maybe it was pink? I don’t ever remember it being very pink. I feel like maybe at some point in time, the glitter was more of a pink color, and the clear base ate away at it and turned it more of a rose gold/flesh tone color. This one has a pretty strong abrasive smell to it, so maybe there’s some chemical difference that caused it. I’ve had this polish for about two years, so you never know. Shown in the photo is two coats with no top coat; and it would probably take four or more coats to not have any negative space between the glitter showing.

Kleancolor “Barbie Pink”

One of my christmas presents this past year from my parents was a net Wacom tablet, which I am super excited about. Instead of just having phone pictures edited with the basic photo editing apps available, I am going to work on actually editing my photos, and once I build myself a new lighting box I’ll ditch the phone all together for a real camera. So prepare for more professional photos!

Here, I have a swatch of Kleancolor “Barbie Pink”. As usual, I’ve used two coats here, with no top or base coat. I’m not a huge pink person, so this isn’t a polish I use often; which might be why it was kind of thick to apply. I do remember when it was newer it was still a thicker creamy polish so either way, try to apply thin layers. It’s opaque in two coats, but one looks pretty on it’s own. The finish is mostly glossy but would look much shinier with a top coat.

Kleancolor Barbie Pink wm


Kleancolor “Dark Cherry”

Kleancolor “Dark Cherry” is a vampy red with copper undertones. It has an almost metallic finish, and is opaque in two coats as shown in the photo.

Kleancolor Dark Cherry

It applied somewhat thickly, but that could also be because I haven’t used it in a while. It was mostly easy to apply, but you can see where I had some issues with the pointer finger. Probably wouldn’t be as noticeable with a top coat.