By now, I’ve pretty much gotten the technique down to not have to clean up around the edges using my right hand. But, I’ve been working hard at using my left hand to do just as good of work, and this is the first mani that I didn’t have to clean up a single smudge on the side on my right hand!


Top and bottom left are my left hand using my right which is my more dominant hand, and the bottom right photo is my right using my left hand! I figured black is the true test, you’re not gonna miss any mess ups! Now to do the art perfectly as well…

I used one coat of each polish. “Turn Up the Night” is the perfect black, completely smooth and opaque in just one coat. And of course they needed to be sparkly…

Polishes used:

Finger Paints “Turn Up the Night”
Salon Perfect “Cosmic Dust”


Throwback Thursday: Sparkly Fruit Salad

My mom loves sheer but a little sparkly polishes, so whenever I visit I usually bring a couple different ones of that nature that I think she’d like. I had just bought these little fruits too, and she thought they were cute too so I made a “fruit salad” accent nail!

fruit salad

Polish Used:

Salon Perfect “Cosmic Dust”

Shark Week Beach Nails

I don’t think I know a single person that doesn’t love shark week. Though I think it used to be way more informational than it is now, sharks are still badass. So in honor of this year’s shark week, and just because I’ve wanted to do pineapples and sharks for a while now, I came up with these super beachy nails!

beach nails

The happy crab is probably my favorite nail, I can’t help but put smiley faces on things. To make the background for the crab and starfish nails I used a new technique I hadn’t tried yet- dropping nail polish into water like you’re starting a water marble, but then you spray it with hairspray to make it spread out in a kind of webby style, making it look like the foam on the top of waves on top of a blue/gold glitter ombre. I really like how it turned out, gonna have to try it for other looks.

Polish Used:

Sinful Colors “Black on Black”
China Glaze “Icicle”
Salon Perfect “Cosmic Dust”
Sally Hansen “Peach Party”
Brash “Pineapple Party”
Nail Rock “Glitter Dust Red”
Sinful Colors “Why Not”
Sinful Colors “Queen of Beauty”
Sally Hansen “In Record Lime”
Sinful Colors “Big Daddy”
Kleancolor “Puppy Love”
Pure Ice “Over You”
Funky Fingers “Fool’s Gold”
Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”

Fourth of July 2015!

Happy 4th of July! I was honestly a little sad taking off my Blackhawks nails, but I always gotta do holiday nails. I reshaped my acrylics from Glitter Nail Salon again after removing all the polish, shortened them a little and perfected their points. I wanted to use two different 4th themed polishes I had, as well as a couple fun designs.

Fourth of July 2015

On my thumb is Funky Fingers “Fireworks”, a blend of red, silver and blue stars, and other varying sides of hexagon glitter in red, pearly white and blue. There’s also white bar glitter and a little bit of silver microglitter for some extra sparkle. It’s packed with these glitters, I used two coats and it didn’t require a lot of working around to get the glitter placed nicely.

On my pinky is Salon Perfect “Grand Finale” which is a clear top coat packed with red, silver and blue metallic bar glitters. I thought putting it over the blue gave it the look of fireworks in the night sky. I used two coats of this as well, but it does take a little finagling to get the glitters to lay flat and not hang off the nail. It does peel up a little here and there leaving the nail feeling a little rough, but if it’s really bothering me I just pull the offending bar off!

To do the red and white zig zag stripes, I used striping tape I bought from What’s Up Nail Store. Started with a coat of white, followed by the silver sparkles, let it dry extremely well (as in, did most of the other nails before going back to do the stripes!) then stuck the sticker guides on. I put one coat of red over top, making them even more sparkly since the red is a little see through. The tape has to be pulled off as soon as you’ve got the look you want to get clean lines!

The ring finger was started the same way with one coat each of white then silver glitter and left to dry just as long. I used straight tape (no idea where I got that from, it’s been too long) to make an exploded sort of shape, then painted a coat of red on one side, and blue on the other. I picked a couple of the silver glitters out of “Grand Finale” to finish it off!

Polishes Used:

Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”
Kleancolor “Bite Me”
Forever 21 “Holographic Brilliant Blue”
Finger Paints “Late Night Rendezvous”
Salon Perfect “Grand Finale”

Also, if any of you reading this are members on Nailpolis, please add me!

My first successful water marble!

I have been wanting to figure water marbling out for SO long now, and while I got my hair cut/dyed



we were talking about nails and water marbling so I decided to try it yet again tonight. I finally found polishes that spread correctly and was able to get the idea of it down. I couldn’t make quite as good looking designs as some of these youtube tutorials, but I’ll get it down. I’m pretty excited with how they turned out:


I started with two coats of “Snow Flurry” before doing the marbling. In between drops of the red and blue I used drops of the top coat.


They’re fourth of July themed for the upcoming holiday but I doubt they’ll last that long. We’ll see!

Polishes Used:

China Glaze “Poinsettia”
China Glaze “Blue Year’s Eve”
Salon Perfect “Snow Flurry”
Beauty Secrets Base Coat
Beauty Secrets Hardener Top Coat


Rockin’ the lovely lavender trend

This look was inspired by a post written by an old high school friend of mine, Emily. She’s a fashion writer, and a while back had written a post about lavender nails being in right now and it really made my want to use this Studio M color that I have barely touched. You can read her lavender post on her blog¬†here. I’m pretty sure Studio M is just the Meijer brand of nail polish, but it works pretty well. Applies opaque in two coats and goes on smoothly. Dry time is pretty quick as well.



I skipped my base coat just being lazy, then applied two coats of “Hydrangea Kiss”. To give a ton of sparkle to my accent nails I did a coat of “Sparking Diamonds” before adding a coat of “Silver Sparkler” for even more pop with those big circle glitters.


Polishes Used:

Studio M “Hydrangea Kiss”
L.A. Colors “Sparkling Diamonds”
Salon Perfect “Silver Sparkler”
Beauty Secrets Hardener Top Coat

So bright!

We had a teasing view of some warmer weather, but then of course overnight we’re back to snow. That put me in the mood for some nails that remind me of summer sun. Had to start with a coat of white, this yellow looks kinda dull otherwise.

034 (2)


The orange is almost like sand, with a texture. It’s not glitter, but tiny little orange and yellow circles.


Polishes used:

Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”
Salon Perfect “Yowza Yellow”
Salon Perfect “Bang”