LeChat Mood Changing “Lost Lagoon”

I’ve been doing a lot of manicures using LeChat Mood Changing gel polish lately, but that’s because it’s so friggin’ cool! The color change is dramatically noticeable in all the colors I own, and you can just watch your nail change right before your eyes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.19.50 PM

When this polish is warm, it’s a pretty, soft seafoam green color. For this look I topped it with one coat of Finger Paints “Geodesic Dome We Rome” which is the little iridescent  blue glitters you see. And I can’t say no to some bling, so diamond accent nail it is.

Fun fact- these are the nails I was wearing when Kyle proposed! I knew it was coming, so I had to keep them looking good for a few weeks, I couldn’t have bad looking nails for ring pictures 😉

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.20.06 PM

When “Lost Lagoon” is cold, it turns this beautiful turquoisey-blue.

Gel Polishes Used:

LeChat “Lost Lagoon”
Finger Paints “Geodesic Dome We Rome”


Burgundy Shatter Nails

Second attempt at gel polish, used much thinner coats and got a way better result. I’ve been loving this trend of shattered glass looking nails, and since I also found a little tin of that on the clearance rack at Sally’s when I was shopping for the gel polishes I decided to try it out! I don’t know if there’s other kinds of this material that is more flexible, but I ended up having some of the corners poke up and not make the nail completely smooth.


Still love how it looks though!

Gel Polish Used:

ASP “Beaming in Burgundy”

Witchy Nails

I found a new jewelry company on instagram that I started following called Rogue and Wolf that has lovely stuff with lots of black and silver, ravens and moons, and as I keep seeing their posts I couldn’t help myself from doing some dark nails even though it’s the middle of summer. Junior high me rejoiced as I started the first coat of black… black nail polish used to be my go to color! I think when I started painting my nails, besides the black, I probably only had two or three other colors! I know I had a dark icy blue and a glow in the dark from halloween, and I’m pretty sure a blood red/wine kind of color. How funny is it years later I’ve got hundreds in all the colors of the rainbow! I honestly can say younger me would have NEVER guessed I was going to get so into nails, or makeup, hair, even wearing dresses! I was a huge tomboy and pretty punk/goth… my dad says I’m getting weird in my old age haha! Trust me, I’d love to dye all my hair blue and get a bunch of piercings again, but that’s adulthood… work dress policies.

goth nails

To get this look I used one coat of Black on Black as the base, and one coat of Totally Cool for the purple sparkly goodness. The little glitters are hand placed from a loose jar of OPI glitter.

I haven’t had a lot of time to do nails this month… I’ve been training a new gm for the old store I used to run, and let me tell you, running two stores and training a person to be able to do everything I do in like two weeks will suck the life right out of you! All I’ve wanted to do when I get home is lay on the couch and not move! I’ll try to get some more of the designs I’ve done on wheels soon, there’s so many I haven’t posted.

Polishes Used:

Sinful Colors “Black on Black”
Milani “Totally Cool”
OPI Loose Glitter

Purple piggies to go with my lavender nails

This is a nail polish I love, two colors in one! Revlon Moon Candy has two bottles on the end of a brush stick that reminds me of Darth Maul’s lightsaber. On one end of “Orbit” is a deep plum purple, and the other side is a opal-ish sliver glitter suspended in a barely purple topcoat. The dark purple itself is sort of dull, but once you add the topcoat, it has so much dimension. I love the combination, obviously why they put them together!!



Revlon Moon Candy “Orbit”

My first Essie: a two-fer!

My good friend bought me this Essie polish a while ago after I told her I have never had/used that brand before. I know I’ve read that it’s great and everyone swears by it, but it’s just too pricey for me to really want to buy it often. That’s why I own so many Sinful Colors, I don’t feel bad about spending two bucks! Funky Fingers is three for $5! I know the phrase you get what you pay for, but I really haven’t found a TON of evidence to convince me the benefits of spending more on nail polish unless it’s an amazing color.


I’m not a huge football fan, so while all the guys watched the Super Bowl I sat around the basement bar with my boyfriends mom and his cousin’s wife. She was pretty excited I brought nail polish, I just didn’t want to be bored the whole time!


Essie’s “For the Twill of It” really is a beautiful color. When the light shines on it, it has an iridescent greenish hue to it that is so beautiful and so impossible to get in the picture!

Polishes Used:

Essie “For the Twill of It”
Sinful Colors “Gorgeous”

Salon Review: Joy Nails

As of yesterday, my last set of acrylics had grown out to the point I was starting to have problems using my phone… so it was way over time to take those suckers off.

This was me.

This was me.

Located in Winston Plaza in the back of a corner where you would barely know it exists is Joy Nails. I went here purely out of convenience after work. It’s the typical asian inspired theme with a row of foot bath chairs along one wall, a waxing room near the back and nail booths take up the front. The best part was they had the animal planet on the tv and I got to watch a man raise a baby bear the whole time which was adorable, but the service went downhill from there. It wasn’t terrible but it was disappointing. The man at the front desk asked what I wanted, which was to take off my old tips and just get a layer of acrylic over my real nails to keep them from breaking. He told me to pick a color and then a lady called me over to her booth with “Are you ready?” I came over and said hi, to which she said nothing to me. The whole time. Which is what made the bear programming that much more enjoyable. Coming from my work where I am expected to deliver over the top great customer service, this irked me because I think you should at least respond to hello, but what are you gonna do.


I was appalled when she began to break the old acrylics off with clippers and a nail tip, and it didn’t feel the best either. You’re supposed to soak that shit! She didn’t even take the time to use polish remover to take off the little bit that was left around the cuticles, just sanded it off with a dremel. She didn’t do a bad job with the acrylic overlay, they’re very thin and even, but she burnt me multiple times while sanding them down by letting the drill sit too long in one place. The moral of the story, is you get what you pay for, as this place was pretty cheap.

Polish used:

Color Club “Port-folio”

Iridescent Dots

Excuse the terrible picture quality. Even with a good camera I don’t think a picture would do this glitter topcoat justice. I happen to have the exact shade of iridescent orange/copper to add some accents, though I think it would have looked nicer if my nails were longer.

Fresh Paint’s “Sugar Crush” is so sparkly you can’t stop looking at it. It has a warm reddish orange sheen most of the time, but depending on the light and angle it changes to blue, green and yellow. Mostly transparent on it’s own, it looks pretty great over everything I’ve tried.



Polishes used:

Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”
Fresh Paint “Sugar Crush”
Sally Hansen “Firefly”