Sally Beauty “Bling Tree”

Usually, polishes have the most wonderfully lame pun names, but Sally Beauty Supply really outdid themselves here… “Bling Tree”. Just because it has a gem covered tree on the top. Such a lovely polish should have a better name!


It’s pretty packed with tiny red and green glitter, and different sized white glitters which remind me of snow. And with such a cute bottle, I couldn’t pass it up at the counter.


Funky Fingers “Fra-Gee-Lay” Swatch

Almost done with christmas posts, I swear! This is one of my favorite holiday polishes however, and needed to be swatched! Behold: Funky Fingers “Fra-Gee-Lay” (must be Italian haha)


This polish is packed with little red, white and green glitters in a clear base. Keeping with all my other swatches, I only used two coats in this picture, though a third coat gives you pretty complete coverage with no plain nail showing in between! That’s the kind of polish I like! It is a little thick so you have to position your glitter pieces a little bit to get even coverage, but it isn’t too bad.


Candy cane nails for Mom

My parents always go down to visit my mom’s side in Georgia over christmas week, so we got together the weekend before. My parents got me a couple new gel polish colors and a gel kit from Finger Paints, as well as a heated foot massage bath which I have been loving! My mom had specified she wanted her nails to be fancy for while she was in GA, so I broke out the new polishes right away to give her some seasonal nails. She liked the candy cane charms I had bought, so that’s the theme we went with.


I only used one coat of ASP “Selfish” since she likes a more sheer look. The white stripes are hand painted using Finger Paints “Stay True to the Art”. She was super impressed that the candy canes stayed on so well, she thought they would fall off!

Funky Fingers “Son of a Nutcracker” Swatch

In my goal of swatching all the polishes I own, I started with Christmas polishes back in december. Here we have Funky Fingers “Son of a Nutcracker” which is an awesome multicolored glitter in a clear base. The glitters come in white, green, and two shades of pink making it a girlier christmas theme. I used two coats here, but there is no hope for 100% coverage so if you’re not a fan of being able to see the natural nail (as I am) you’ll want to use another color underneath. I know everyone is in to the cutout thing with being able to see plain nail in areas, but it just looks like you missed part of the nail to me!


Polish Used:

Funky Fingers “Son of a Nutcracker”

Taylor’s Christmas Nails

Happy new year! Since I didn’t have time to post these in December, I’ve got a few christmas themed manis to post still so bear with me! This is one of the LeChat Perfect Match mood changing polishes- “Limelight”. Taylor had been wanting me to do her nails, so I brought the polishes she got me with to the other side’s christmas party and did them there. I love the simple addition of the little deer and the slight bling with a diamond underneath. The style of the deer feels kinda retro to me which I feel works with this shade(s) of green.


You can see the darker shade the polish turns when cold on the pinky, and the light lime green when the polish in warm on other fingers. The pinky hadn’t completely turned dark, but it gives you an idea of the two colors.

Gel Polishes Used:

LeChat “Limelight”

Christmas Claws

I haven’t had much time to post lately, but I’m going to try to be more active in 2016! I got a new Wacom tablet for christmas so editing my pictures will be much easier, and I’m going to try out some new editing software, but I may end up just getting my old love Photoshop back. One of my new years goals is to swatch and blog about all of my polishes! This is going to be quite the undertaking. I think I’m going to start with my Kleancolors as don’t buy that brand often, so I can get through all of it without buying a new color.

One of my christmas gifts this year from Richie and Taylor was 6 LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel polishes. They’re so incredibly awesome! I only have a couple color changing polishes, and the change isn’t super noticeable on those, but these have a very drastic change in color! I love it! I can’t wait to use them more. I kept sticking my fingers into different things to make them change- especially at work haha.


The tips of my nails mostly being colder than the nail bed added to the gradient effect as well which was neat looking. Both the holly and Rudolph are from Daily Charme. They have way too many cute things to put on nails, it was hard to not buy everything! I got lazy with this set, and didn’t put full acrylics on. I just used glue on nails and filed them to a nice shape.

Gel Polishes Used:

LeChat “Limelight”
LeChat “Heart’s Desire”
Finger Paints “Stay True to the Art”
Finger Paints “A Muse Me”
ASP “Shimmer Top Coat”

ASP “Selfish”

This beautiful red glitter gel polish is perfect for the holiday season. It is bright and opaque in just two coats, and really catches the eye.


Gel Polish Used:

ASP “Selfish”