Bringing “Mani Monday” back!

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve been really absent lately, but I’m going to try to get back on track with blogging, and I need to catch up on posting all the nails I’ve been doing the last couple months! I’ve been loving doing no chip manicures, especially now that I know how to do proper cuticle care to make them look extra sharp. I’m going to use Mondays to catch up on all the nails that I have done up until now, and then I’ll try to make weekly school posts on what I’ve learned and the nails that I’ve done there.

School has been amazing so far. All of my 4 teachers are super knowledgeable and are very detailed in their lessons, and I have really been enjoying how hands on it is. We go through things super fast so I’m learning a lot already. We’ve already done all the basic manicure techniques, no chips, applying acrylic extensions using both tips and nail forms, and hard gel extensions (which are totally the hardest for me so far…).

So, to get caught up, here is a no chip manicure I did on Rhonda, using LeChat Mood Changing “Smokey Haute”-

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.10.25 PM

I added a little bling with a pink flower, couple diamonds and silver caviar beads for an accent. This polish changes from a brownish mocha color to a light nude that you can see on the thumb!

Gel Polish Used:

LeChat “Smokey Haute”


wrapped wire poinsettia ring

poinsettia ring 1


poinsettia ring 2


i’m enjoying having all kinds of colors of wire to work with, and it’s giving me more ideas as well. this ring is meant to look like a poinsettia flower, and ended up rather big but looks pretty cool. the band of the ring looks like this:

poinsettia ring back

daisy wire wrapped ring

a friend of mine saw all the beaded flower rings and asked if i could make her some without any beads, and this is the first attempt! i bought a whole pack of different colors of wire, so i’m going to have fun with all the colors and make lots of different things. plus i got a ton of beads and things from my parents for christmas also, so i’ve got all kinds of crafting ahead of me.

ring back

the middle is gold, the petals and band silver to resemble a daisy.ring front


ring back