Throwback Thursday: Neons done with my left hand!

I’m mostly right handed, and in this case I smudged my left hand so I decided to take a picture of my right hand without cleaning up to show how much I’d progressed in doing nails ambidextrously.


The great thing is, since this I’ve gotten even better at painting with my left, hand, I’ll have to post another right hand picture soon!


Witchy Nails

Keeping in the Halloween spirit, I finally had some time to paint some simple nails! The moon and the spiderweb both glow in the dark, unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of them glowing. I actually mixed some black polish into a bottle of topcoat to get the translucent black on the ring finger. I also couldn’t believe that black crackle was still working, I’ve had it for years! The badass ring is from The Rogue and the Wolf which I highly suggest everyone check out! This is also the first time I’ve used a matte polish without covering it in a shiny topcoat, usually I think most matte polishes end up looking like a weird melted crayon on your nails, but I liked the contrast between the shiny spiderweb and the matte black background.


Sinful Colors “Black Magic”
Nina Ultra Pro “Black Vinyl”
Funky Fingers “Black Scales”
Sinful Colors “Glow in the Dark”

Throwback Thursday: Cute Halloween Stickers

Last year, I accidentally bought a bottle of loose silver glitter that I mistook for nail polish at the halloween store. My solution was to funnel it into a half empty bottle of clear top coat- instant glitter polish! It works pretty well but it a little thick since I put so much in it.

glitter stickers

Used some cute stickers I got from Five Below. I especially like the happy ghost!

Rainbow neon hat

I really like making hats as they’re easy and quick! I’ve been working on just trying to use up my stash of yarn, and quick projects are good for that.

rainbow neon

I’m hoping eventually to a bunch of stuff done and ready to sell, and maybe to have a booth at craft fairs or something. We’ll see, in the meantime, I gotta make enough stuff to be able to do that or have an Etsy store worth anything!

Throwback Thursday: Fall Trees

More practice of doing acrylics on myself, pretty happy with how they came out. I’ve come a long way in a year. The best part of fall is all the beautiful colors on the trees, so this mani is a tribute to that!

fall trees

Polish Used:

Forever 21 “Light Grey”
Sinful Colors “Boogie Nights”
Sinful Colors “On the Bright Side”
Sinful Colors “In the Limelight”
Sephora “It Girl”