Sinful Colors “Tempest”

The color quality on this picture isn’t the greatest, but it’s pretty accurate to the color of the polish in real life. It’s a very pretty springy cream lilac.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.55.36 PM

Don’t mind my cuticles, this was before I was in school and knew how to tame them! Sinful Colors is one of my go to colors since it’s cheap and has a quality formula. They’re always coming out with cute new colors that I can’t resist passing up whenever I’m in Walgreens or somewhere and spot the new collection displays.


French Tips and No Chips

The next couple class in school we learned techniques to achieve a perfect smile line for a french tip, and proper prep and application of a no chip manicure.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.03.05 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.08.03 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.08.16 PM

We were almost ready to start taking clients! I love that we get lots of practice on real people at the school before I have to do it as my job! Especially with the cuticle care.

One of the first no chip manicures I did at school on Val.

One of the first no chip manicures I did at school on Val.

No chip practice on a girl who was in the class before mine.

No chip practice on a girl who was in the class before mine.

No chip practice on my classmate Jesenia.

No chip practice on my classmate Jesenia.

Ezza Salon Trial Event

One of my classmates was also in business school and is trying to start a mobile salon service with his sister, and they wanted to hold a trial event with real clients but didn’t have any nail technicians. Luckily I was able to take the day off from work, and I went to UIC for a day of doing nails! I figured it would be good practice for when I have real clients in a salon someday.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.49.12 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.49.31 PM

Starting the day I had two regular polish manicures. We were looking into how long it took to do each service, and how the clients felt about not being in a salon as well as other aspects of the potential business.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.49.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.49.43 PM

I then had two no chip manicures, and we had one no show so we were done with the day! Hope they’re able to get their business going.

Kleancolor “Love for Pudding”

Pudding scented nail polish, really,  pudding scented. Vanilla pudding maybe? It definitely smells like desert. If only all polish had delicious scents! “Love for Pudding” is a really pretty creamy light pink that makes you think of frosting.

love for puddng

Shown is two coats with no top coat, the polish has a nice glossy finish by itself.

Kleancolor “Green Grass”

A polish true to  it’s name, “Green Grass” is the color of your lawn on a perfect summer day. I love bold colors, and this shade of green is beautiful.

Green Grass wm

This creamy polish applied like a dream- opaque in two coats as shown in the photo. I didn’t use a top coat, or more importantly, any base coat. Greens have a tendency to stain your nail if you don’t use a base coat, and this one didn’t leave any stain on my nails or cuticles after removing it. As you can see, it’s a pretty high gloss even without the top coat. I’ll be bringing this one back around for St. Patty’s day for sure!

Kleancolor “Diamond Pink”

Back to going through my Kleancolor collection! Here we have “Diamond Pink”:

Diamond Pink wm

“Pink”… Maybe it was pink? I don’t ever remember it being very pink. I feel like maybe at some point in time, the glitter was more of a pink color, and the clear base ate away at it and turned it more of a rose gold/flesh tone color. This one has a pretty strong abrasive smell to it, so maybe there’s some chemical difference that caused it. I’ve had this polish for about two years, so you never know. Shown in the photo is two coats with no top coat; and it would probably take four or more coats to not have any negative space between the glitter showing.

NCLA Nudes Volume IV

Slight break in posts here due to just having a busy week! This past Sunday was my birthday (woohoo!) and Monday was my boyfriend’s, so I took a four day weekend (I had forgotten what those feel like!) off of work to celebrate. He managed to get our birthdays off as well, and this was the first birthday in quite a few years we’ve both been able to have the time off and get everyone together! We went to a nearby tiki bar which I loved; I always prefer a big fruity drink with an umbrella over a plain beer. Had some other exciting things go on this weekend that I won’t post about until I know things are set in stone and what I can/can’t post about, but everyone keep your fingers crossed and send your good energy my way!

So back to business here, I broke away from the Kleancolor swatches since I needed some professional nails for a day. Perfect opportunity to try out NCLA Nudes collection “Volume IV” that my neighbor Amber gave me! At $16 a bottle (plus shipping, since I’ve never seen them at any store near me) NCLA isn’t a brand I buy. Since this is just a hobby for me and I’m by no means rich, that’s a bit out of my price range! I considered one of their special seasonal ones this December that looked like crushed peppermints… and then I spent all my money on presents so that was probably better anyway… I only own two bottles of their polish, this one, and a valentine’s day heart glitter called “Heart Attack” which I’ll post about in February… and Amber gave me both of them. Pretty sure she got them in an Ipsy bag too!

Nudes Volume IV

Here’s my confession which I know most don’t agree with: I HATE nude nails. They’re just so boring! Why bother painting your nails, taking the effort/time/money when they just blend in even more with the rest of your nails? The longer they are the worse they look to me too, so at least my nails are short right now. They also make me feel like I have the hands of a Barbie doll.


Just sayin’

Whatever your view on nude nails are, this is a pretty nice shade. It’s a bit darker than my skin tone, more olive toned as well, but didn’t look awful on me. The nice thing about the NCLA nudes collection is that they have a good range of tones from dark to light; but as I said before since this was a gift it’s just what I’ve got! I’d probably go with Volume I since I’m very used to not being able to find makeup light enough. It is a pretty shiny polish, but I wanted them to be super glossy so I used a gel top coat shown in the photo once the polish was dried. They dried decently quickly which made using a gel top coat not a huge hassle. As usual, I used two coats of the polish, and it was opaque without any more.