Throwback Thursday- 4th of July 2016

Last year I spent a long 4 day weekend out at Woodsmoke relaxing- it was so great. I was only a couple weeks into nail school at the time, and since I was missing a day to stay an extra day on my mini vacation I brought all my nail stuff to do as many nails as I could still. Plus I wanted to do some fancy 4th of July themed nails on myself.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 3.43.37 PM

On the thumb and pinky I used loose dry glitter to create a somewhat ombre glitter look. The stripes on the flag were done by starting with a layer of white gel polish, then removing the tacky layer and using stickers to achieve the perfect lines. When using stickers, you have to use regular polish with them otherwise the gel polish will just bleed all over when you remove the stickers. So do as thin of a coat of regular polish as you can over the stickers, remove and let dry 100%, then cover with a gel polish top coat for max shine and instantly dry nails.

Little girls love lots of glitter

Little girls love lots of glitter

I also did one of the neigbor’s little girls nails all ready for the 4th. She was inspired by my nails, and of course wanted as much glitter as I could get on her tiny nails. I only used regular polish- remember no chips aren’t good for young girls nails!


candy cane stripes

playing with all my new striping brushes that i got, the quickest idea i had at 10 at night was some candy canes.



obviously it got a bit late, i didn’t feel like cleaning up and just wanted to go to bed. so messy nails, but oh well. added the little holographic dot strips, but you can’t really see them very well.

polishes used:

finger paints nail art in restoration red
finger paints nail art in art hue feeling young?
forever 21 love n beauty in crystal
blackheart in white