Throwback Thursday- 4th of July 2016

Last year I spent a long 4 day weekend out at Woodsmoke relaxing- it was so great. I was only a couple weeks into nail school at the time, and since I was missing a day to stay an extra day on my mini vacation I brought all my nail stuff to do as many nails as I could still. Plus I wanted to do some fancy 4th of July themed nails on myself.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 3.43.37 PM

On the thumb and pinky I used loose dry glitter to create a somewhat ombre glitter look. The stripes on the flag were done by starting with a layer of white gel polish, then removing the tacky layer and using stickers to achieve the perfect lines. When using stickers, you have to use regular polish with them otherwise the gel polish will just bleed all over when you remove the stickers. So do as thin of a coat of regular polish as you can over the stickers, remove and let dry 100%, then cover with a gel polish top coat for max shine and instantly dry nails.

Little girls love lots of glitter

Little girls love lots of glitter

I also did one of the neigbor’s little girls nails all ready for the 4th. She was inspired by my nails, and of course wanted as much glitter as I could get on her tiny nails. I only used regular polish- remember no chips aren’t good for young girls nails!


Fourth of July 2015!

Happy 4th of July! I was honestly a little sad taking off my Blackhawks nails, but I always gotta do holiday nails. I reshaped my acrylics from Glitter Nail Salon again after removing all the polish, shortened them a little and perfected their points. I wanted to use two different 4th themed polishes I had, as well as a couple fun designs.

Fourth of July 2015

On my thumb is Funky Fingers “Fireworks”, a blend of red, silver and blue stars, and other varying sides of hexagon glitter in red, pearly white and blue. There’s also white bar glitter and a little bit of silver microglitter for some extra sparkle. It’s packed with these glitters, I used two coats and it didn’t require a lot of working around to get the glitter placed nicely.

On my pinky is Salon Perfect “Grand Finale” which is a clear top coat packed with red, silver and blue metallic bar glitters. I thought putting it over the blue gave it the look of fireworks in the night sky. I used two coats of this as well, but it does take a little finagling to get the glitters to lay flat and not hang off the nail. It does peel up a little here and there leaving the nail feeling a little rough, but if it’s really bothering me I just pull the offending bar off!

To do the red and white zig zag stripes, I used striping tape I bought from What’s Up Nail Store. Started with a coat of white, followed by the silver sparkles, let it dry extremely well (as in, did most of the other nails before going back to do the stripes!) then stuck the sticker guides on. I put one coat of red over top, making them even more sparkly since the red is a little see through. The tape has to be pulled off as soon as you’ve got the look you want to get clean lines!

The ring finger was started the same way with one coat each of white then silver glitter and left to dry just as long. I used straight tape (no idea where I got that from, it’s been too long) to make an exploded sort of shape, then painted a coat of red on one side, and blue on the other. I picked a couple of the silver glitters out of “Grand Finale” to finish it off!

Polishes Used:

Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”
Kleancolor “Bite Me”
Forever 21 “Holographic Brilliant Blue”
Finger Paints “Late Night Rendezvous”
Salon Perfect “Grand Finale”

Also, if any of you reading this are members on Nailpolis, please add me!

hello again, wordpress!

it’s been a few months, but that’s what happens when life gets busy, you have to prioritize. of course i’ve still been painting my nails, but i really haven’t had the time to post about it. so i’ll try to at least do a “mani monday” to post my latest designs. to get back into this, here’s my fourth of july nails! i finally found striping tape, and went to town with it.



polishes used:

china glaze “blue year’s eve”
finger paints “restoration red”
sinful colors “snow me white”
wet n’ wild “hollywood walk of fame”